Animal Poems

Here you will find Poems on animals that rhymes and also Animals poems for kids. Poems on Animals is the love on animals. Posts genraly writes poems on animals for kids. You loves your animals and your kids always loves the pets. So we provides you the best Poems on animals for you and your kids. Read the poems on jungle animals also. And share the poem with your kids and make the kids to love the Pets.

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Animal Poems For Kids

[su_note]Thunder of hooves across the land,
A gallant proud stallion is leading his band,
With grace and beauty they gallop and run,
Enjoying the freedom and warmth of the sun.[/su_note]

Animal Poems That Rhyme

[su_note] As the gentle giants swim through the sea,
Not expecting a thing,
A sharp metal object is heading their way,
And they feel a sharp sting.[/su_note]

Animals Poem on Cat

[su_note]We’re marching for animal rights.
We have the right to fight.
Remember to hold you banners high
As if they were going to touch the sky.

Walk with the turtles, especially old Myrtle.
She’s crawling slowly at the back.
Take Douglass the duck and Winslow the cat.
and push old Myrtle up the line,
She’s 102 ya know and still looking fine.

Today we march for all to see.
Come join with us, give us company.
We want to live and blend with you,
be your faithful companions too.

We live in a country of prosperity,
yet their are those who treat us like dirt you see.
Give us what we deserve, we’ve paid our dues,
or we may take charge and turn on you.

We are your pets, should be your pride and joy.
Yet you treat us sometimes as if we were toys.
We want our coats brushed, our wings fluffed
our backs shined, not all but most of the time.

Look those two old hens look like pretty good friends.
the dogs and cats are side by side,
three little mice are trying to hide.
The ducks and geese are walking proud,
and the monkeys are screeching out loud.

Pay attention to our demands,
We want love and gentle patting hands.
We want to be fed on time each day
and given attention while we play.
We want you to protect our right to live.
In turn we have much love to give. [/su_note]

Animal Poems for Kids

[su_note]The sweet smile upon your lips
Smooth movement of your hips
Charming gaze
Eyes ablaze

I see the animal in you

The softness of your skin
Your ever cheeky grin
Killer nails
Crazy tales

I feel the animal in you

The emotion in your tone
Intensely rich groan
Harsh speech
Now preach

I hear the animal in you

The fierce in your stroll
Kindness of your soul
Heart true
Destined view

I Love the animal in you [/su_note]

Animal Poems On Zoo

[su_note]My children planned a visit to a zoo,
They invited me, I replied with a shoo,
I already have a zoo inside, within me,
I cannot show and you cannot see.

All the animals are present in a man,
You can see them with an honest scan.
Both for the friends and their enemies,
They have long, very long memories.

Like funny camels, like large elephants,
Whether old or youths or innocent infants.
They often behave like a beast so wild,
They don’t hesitate to abuse a child.

For many centuries they’ve been killing fellow men,
They have misused their sword and their pen,
Most of their killings were in His religion and name,
Man was never shy of this bloody game.

Men cast their thinking in a too old mold.
Those adventurists seeking silver and gold,
Left footprints of animals in fact,
I see in the prints many criminals in fact.

On the other hand like birds they twit,
Under blue moons are lovely and sweet,
Loyal and faithful like horses and dogs,
Swim and jump just like the frogs,

Entertain the children like a dolphin or a monkey,
Before pretty women they flirt like a donkey,
Like a peacock they dance in a hall,
Like a sweet cuckoo, girlfriends they call.

They are handsome when they love fellow men,
Praise them with their words and use their pen.
I don’t need to watch a zoo,
I am a man but an animal too. [/su_note]

Animal Poems Ks3

[su_note] Some people say man is social animal
He has to act liberal and mix with people
He may be guided by some belief
As it may be providing some relief

The religion is separate thing
It is personal like thing
One should never discuss it in public
Whether idols, special items are called relic

Human mind has escape route
He may kill person or shoot
Yet he may bow down before god
And repent for whatever good or bad

It gives some solace
Person should bear no double face
It gives cruel impression of being bad
The face lines are easily read

So think whatever you feel like
But never express openly your dislike
It angers another person for harsh words
Even raising stick in air frightens the birds

The love is universal
It can not find immediate dismissal
It is reciprocated with equal zeal
As it speaks of good and senses real [/su_note]

Jungle Animal Poems

[su_note]Man is basically wicked animal
No one can see his ideas even if naked
Either before computer or before sky
He will struggle with his mind and try

His brain is always matching with speed
So much eagerness with lots of greed
No stoppage over its planning and thoughts
Mind struggles and so many ways are sought

It will never satisfy his ego
Even if it requires to forgo
That is the mentality and real fact
It requires little restrain to act

It is good to have appetite for knowledge
It may then give enough time for leverage
With dedication and efforts it can give result
Only inner urge should be controlled and remain well built

The universe and nature has been unexplored
It is like digging of well in small hole of the bore
It may open earth’s belt to give enough of water
That is all we want for need to cater [/su_note]

Animal Poems That Rhyme

[su_note]Let God turn his merciful eyes
To make successful our tries
We shall always thank for mercy
From heart and shall not act dirty

It is difficult to transform
As weaknesses are inborn
We take birth with jealousy
Always look around for luxury

Influential and rich people
Face no difficulty or trouble
The children are brought up with care
Poor children stay neglected as they are

He is there to look after
Pardon any sin that is often practiced here
Make path smooth even for sinner
He is always here to offer

We are thankless animal
Always claim pardon with easy dismissal
We get unnatural happiness from fruitless drive
Keep no pure aim to sustain and survive

Still at an end time
We openly opine
Curse for wrong done in past
Pray for reprieve at the last [/su_note]

Happy Animals Poems

[su_note]Have you ever heard a giraffe laugh,
Or a chimpanzee go hee hee hee?
Have you happened to hear a rhino ho ho,
Or the goofy giggle of a happy little flea? [/su_note]

Jungle Animal Poems

[su_note] The animal has a name of wonder,
A plant may never attack a wonder,
For the body of an animal is taking the plant,
And bodies are getting bigger
As they grow with eating alone.
To respire the body is like a plant
That does it all the time.
The plant is like Us – it lives perfectly.

The plant is not absurd, it is unblemished,
And the animal is less perfect, just some. [/su_note]